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Deep Bleaching

Deep BleachingTM Teeth Whitening

Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, the Deep BleachingTM teeth whitening system is considered to be one of the most effective and favored tooth whitening techniques. In fact, Minneapolis dentist Dr. Boger feels that this is the most effective system in dentistry today. While it takes a little more effort and time, the results are long lasting and impressive. It has even been successful in bleaching tetracycline stained teeth.

Brightening Your Smile with Deep Bleaching

Deep Bleaching involves two teeth bleaching office visits and fourteen nights of wearing at-home teeth bleaching trays.

  • First Visit After taking impressions of your teeth to custom-make the teeth bleaching trays, we meet for a first appointment where we condition your teeth to be more permeable to the tooth whitening agent.
  • At-Home Teeth Bleaching For the two weeks in between dental appointments, you wear custom-made, close-fitting teeth bleaching trays each night. These trays are filled with special bleaching gel that seeps into your teeth, gradually whitening them.
  • Second Tooth Bleaching Visit At your second bleaching visit we perform a more rigorous tooth whitening procedure that will accelerate the process. You can walk away from this appointment with a smile several shades lighter that you can be proud of. With occasional at-home maintenance your teeth can stay permanently white.

Benefits of Deep BleachingTM Teeth Whitening:

  • Comfortable The at-home teeth bleaching trays are designed to fit closely against your teeth so as not to irritate your mouth.
  • Safe Because the teeth bleaching trays fit closely to your teeth, they seal off the bleach from leaking out and being swallowed. They also seal out the bacteria in saliva from seeping into the trays. Studies show that teeth bleaching is a safe procedure.
  • Long-lasting The long exposure of the teeth to the bleach during the night allows the bleach to permeate deeply into the teeth, creating whiter, lasting results. Depending on your situation, your teeth can permanently stay white by periodically wearing an at-home teeth bleaching tray. This teeth bleaching technique is designed to last much longer than many other tooth whitening procedures.
  • Convenient The nearly invisible at-home teeth bleaching trays are only worn at night, allowing you to function regularly throughout the day.
  • Low Sensitivity As opposed to many other tooth whitening procedures, Deep Bleaching was specifically created for those with teeth that are more sensitive.
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