TMJ Therapy Treatments Using Neuromuscular Dentistry

Do you suffer from constant headaches? Does it hurt when your bite fits together? If so, you may be one of many Americans who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMJ Disorder, TMJ, or TMD. TMJ most commonly occurs when jaw muscles strain to compensate for a misaligned bite.

Plymouth Minnesota dentist Dr. Chad Boger is a TMJ therapy specialist and is one of the few qualified dentists in the state of Minnesota who offers TMJ treatment by way of neuromuscular dentistry. Unlike several other TMJ treatment approaches, the neuromuscular technique focuses on correcting the origin of the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms for temporary TMJ relief.


TMJ Symptoms

TMJ disorder often takes years to fully develop and can affect several muscles in the body. Most people struggle with TMJ at least to some extent; however, there are several symptoms of TMJ that indicate a call for treatment.

  • Pounding headaches that feel like migraine headaches
  • Persistent face or jaw pain
  • Aching neck and shoulder muscles
  • Toothaches or temperature sensitivity  (sometimes from grinding teeth and teeth clenching)
  • Limited ability to open jaw
  • Misaligned bite
  • Jaw locking open or closed
  • Dizziness or Vertigo
  • Clicking or other sounds with opening/closing of your jaws
  • Abnormal tooth wear


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The Source TMJ Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the point where the jaw and skull connect in a ball and socket hinge in front of each ear. Because this joint controls chewing, talking and biting, it is considered the most frequently used joint in the body. The end of the lower jaw fits into a socket in the skull, separated by a disk meant to absorb stress. TMD most commonly develops when the teeth do not fit together properly, resulting in malocclusion, or a bad bite. This strains the head muscles and consequently the temporomandibular joint, resulting in jaw, neck or shoulder pain and severe headaches. TMJ or TMD can additionally be caused by several factors:

  • Grinding or clenching teeth
  • Injuries to the head or face
  • Arthritis
  • Displacement of disc between jawbone and socket
  • Wear and tear on teeth
  • Bad bite


Don't just relieve symptoms. Address the source of the pain!

Several other jaw pain solutions, such as medication, surgery or muscle relaxants, often just mask the pain without acknowledging or correcting the cause. However, as one of the few dental practices in Minnesota with a dentist trained extensively in neuromuscular dentistry, Boger Dental uniquely offers a TMD treatment that addresses the source of your pain.


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Boger Dental Steps for your TMJ Relief:

  1. Initial consultation where we diagnose your TMJ
  2. We use special technology to relax your jaw, face and neck muscles.
  3. Then using a high-tech computer program, we measure your optimal jaw position in its relaxed state.
  4. Using those measurements as a guide, we design a specialized plan to realign the bite and teeth to their optimal location.

This TMJ treatment approach offers a long-term solution to eliminate headaches, jaw pain and other symptoms of TMJ.


Need help with pain relief?

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