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Boger Center for Professional Development

In this era of HMO's and large group-managed health care plans, the dental field has shifted away from individualized patient care. Yet Dr. Steve Boger, in his accomplished career, has continued to champion the value of listening to patients and partnering with them to achieve their long-term dental health goals.

Early in the development of his practice, Dr. Boger embraced the concept that treating a patient is more than fixing a tooth. He traveled throughout the nation, observing the best dental professionals and behavioral experts. From these experiences, he defined and developed a truly unique dental practice - a "patient-first" model that incorporated his visionary ideals and methods.

The approach encompasses the most revolutionary techniques and procedures, coupled with a steadfast focus on "co-diagnosis" and "co-treatment" that confirm the patient's goals and helps them attain optimal dental health. This process, which begins with a thorough discussion of options, enables patients to become informed partners in the decision-making regarding their treatment and to develop a lifetime strategy for maximizing their dental health.

The Boger Center for Professional Development was incorporated in the practice in 1997 to respond to inquiries from dental professionals around the nation to observe Dr. Boger and his team. Over the years, over 100 dentists and staff from across the country have come for a day-long tutorial and clinic session to learn from Dr. Boger and his team.


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