A Great First Impression Starts with a Smile

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Whether you’re interviewing for a job, on a first date, or in another new situation, making a good first impression is crucial.

So, how do you make a good first impression? A lot has to do with how you approach the conversation. Do you make eye contact? Is your handshake firm? Are you prepared for your initial meeting with subject matter knowledge or insightful questions? Can you practice active listening?

Another key? Starting off with a smile.

drawing of a smiley face

Smile to Seem Successful

What does a smile communicate to your new acquaintance? According to a Kelton study for Invisalign, a healthy smile communicates success, attractiveness, a more active social life, and even a better personality. Plus, people tend to mirror the emotions they see on other’s faces, so smiling can also make your counterpart happier.

Smile to Feel Happier

Scientific American also notes that smiling can increase your happiness. Research shows that facial expressions not only reflect our emotions, but also enhance them. The advice “fake it until you make it” may be worth taking after all.

Take Back Your Smile

If you’re self-conscious about a crooked or discolored smile, you could be sacrificing a great first impression and sabotaging your own personal happiness and well-being. 

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry is designed with these concerns in mind. From simple cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or teeth bonding, to more comprehensive smile designs, the transformation to a youthful, lasting smile is truly remarkable. Wondering which procedure is right for you?  Options include the following:

Cosmetic Dental Services

  • Porcelain Veneers and Crowns: Return decayed or damaged teeth to their natural strength, functionality and luster with porcelain veneers and crowns. Teeth that were once uneven, chipped or discolored are transformed to a youthful, natural appearance that is long-lasting and durable in just two or three appointments.
  • Cosmetic Recontouring: Correct crooked, chipped, cracked or even overlapping teeth with gentle reshaping. This cosmetic dental procedure is also used to adjust the length, shape or position of the teeth quickly and painlessly.
  • Teeth Bonding: Quickly and painlessly restore the natural beauty of a smile by applying a thin resin over stained, chipped, cracked, or misaligned teeth.
  • Invisalign Orthodontics: Enhance your oral health without the visual clutter of traditional braces. Invisalign clear braces are a straightening solution that helps you look your best both after and during the procedure.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Look for dentists that provide the teeth whitening system that fits your lifestyle needs. Common options include Zoom! Advanced Power™ and Ultradent Opalescence Boost.
  • Dental Implants: Eliminate an unsightly gap or missing tooth with a beautiful, natural looking crown placed over a permanent anchor. Dental implants offer a revolutionary alternative to dentures and other removable dental solutions.
  • Dental Bridges: Fill gaps from missing teeth with permanent, natural-looking replacements. Today’s dental bridges are more natural-looking than ever before.

Ready to realize the potential of your smile?

Boger Dental offers comfortable, convenient restorative and cosmetic dentistry options. Procedures typically involve only two to three office visits. Our team will tailor a plan to your unique needs and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Schedule an appointment to find the smile plan that’s right for you.