When to Get a Dental Second Opinion

You left your recent dental appointment feeling as though you may need a second opinion on your proposed dental treatment. It may be “just a feeling” you have, but you’re not alone among dental patients. In fact, a poll on Angie’s List found that 44 percent of respondents wished they would have sought a dental second opinion, but a whopping 75 percent have never pursued a second opinion for their dental treatment.


When To Seek A Dental Second Opinion

There are no specific rules about when to seek a second opinion, but here are a few guidelines to help make your decision a bit easier.

Consider getting a dental second opinion when:

  • You received a diagnosis of a major disease or problem.
  • Seeing a general dentist and seeking a specialist’s opinion.
  • Prior dental work hasn’t addressed your issue.
  • You wonder if the recommended treatment is actually needed.
  • You’re concerned about the treatment cost.
  • Poor relationship or communication between you and your current dentist.
  • You are ill-at-ease or lack of confidence in current dentist.

Why Get A Dental Second Opinion?

There are a few reasons behind why you may want to get a second opinion on your dental treatment. Every dentist is a bit different when it comes to their education, training, specialties, and experience. Often, it can make sense to seek another opinion from a dentist that specializes in your particular problem or addresses your dental care in another fashion.

For instance, imagine that you’re anxious about your upcoming treatment, and it’s hard for you to keep your appointments because of this dental anxiety. Unfortunately, your current dentist isn’t taking your anxiety into account. You don’t have to suffer through your treatments just because you feel locked in a position of seeing your current dentist only. By seeking a second opinion, you can find a dentist who will address your fear in a positive manner as well as your dental health.

Questions to Ask at Your Second Opinion Appointment

During your dental second opinion appointment, don’t be afraid to mention that you’re seeking a second opinion and why. This allows your dentist to address your specific concerns. Ask questions of your second-opinion dentist to get the most out of your appointment with the new dentist.

  • Are you in agreement with the original diagnosis made?
  • What options do you think I have for treatment?
  • What are the costs involved with these dental options?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How will these different options improve my problem?
  • Will this option solve the issue or will I need future treatments?
  • What happens if I leave the problem as is without treatment?
  • How can you address my anxiety level?

Don’t be shy with these questions as they will help you feel more confident with the proposed dental treatment. Bring in this list or a personalized list of questions that are tailored to your situation if you worry that you might forget your questions when at your appointment.

Acting on Your Second Opinion

Many put off their dental health as less important than their overall health, but your dental health can often relate closely to your overall health. Don’t put off any major decisions for your dental health because of not seeking out a second opinion. A second opinion can help you get more educated on your dental care and options available to you.

Once you’ve received your dental second opinion, you’ll have to weigh the information you received during the appointment and make a decision on which path to take.

Ready For a Dental Second Opinion?

Boger Dental is here to help address your concerns when it comes to your dental health. Our staff understands that you need to feel confident in your treatment plans before moving forward. Contact us to make an appointment today to talk about a second opinion.