Dental Team Offers Simple Gesture of Support to Families In Crisis

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Boger Dental Team Serves Meal at Ronald McDonald HouseTonight we had the opportunity to serve as a team again at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis. The menu of the evening was a taco bar with watermelon, lemonade and cookies for dessert. We had the privilege to serving several families but, as is always true, we were the ones that benefitted the most from the evening. It is a valuable experience to work together as a team outside of our daily work routines together. And,if you can do something that can help another, that is really a cool thing.

The highlight of the night was the tour of the facility. We had been there a few times before, but we were suprised at the thought and care that has gone into creating this refuge for families in crisis during their child’s life-threatening illness.

Did you know?:

  • Its 48 rooms are occupied more than 95% of the time. gth of stay for non-transplant families is 20 nights.
  • Volunteers come throughout the week to provide dinner and other meals
  • There is a one-room school on-site for siblings and patients
  • Families can unwind in the arcade game room, in the movie room or at the fitness center
  • There is a scrapbooking room with donated supplies for making banners for their child in the hospital or to make cards to send home
  • Then there’s Jerry, the furry Labradoodle who makes everyone feel welcome and at home

It is a wonderful cause that benefits many deserving and grateful families. Another way to support the house is coming up on Thursday, August 2nd. Join members of the Boger Dental team for the Third Annual Brew Love event to benefit the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile! Enjoy beer samples from a variety of breweries for only $25 or add to the experience and sample appetizers created to pair nicely with a select number of beers for $50. We hope to see you there! To register, click here.

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