Detours On Plymouth I-494 & Hwy 55 Start July 28

If you live anywhere near the Twin Cities Metro, you are well aware of the road construction happening in the area. Well, starting on Tuesday, July 28, the I-494 project will be going into its next phase. We want to give you this heads up because this will likely have an affect on your trip to our dental office now through early September. And, you know us! We are all about making your trip to the dentist as comfortable and pain-free as possible!

Important Information To Make Your Trip to Boger Dental Less Hectic

  • Southbound I-494 to Hwy 55 Will Be Closed
    Detour: Northbound I-494, westbound County Road 9/Rockford Road and southbound I-494; or southbound Hwy 169 to I-394.
  • Hwy 55 to Southbound I-494 Will Be Closed
    Detour: Eastbound County Road 6 and Hwy 55


Thank You For Planning Ahead!

We appreciate your taking a minute to take a look at the road changes and leaving a few minutes early. That helps make your drive a little more enjoyable and it also helps us keep our schedules on time so we can give you the attention and care you deserve when you arrive.

For more information, call our office at (763) 546-7707. We will be happy to help you navigate your way. We also post updates on our Boger Dental Facebook wall. You can read more about the I-494 project on the MnDOT website.

Drive safely and we will look forward to seeing you again soon!

Plymouth 494 55 Detour Map