Happy Birthday, Katie!

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Happy birthday Katie

Today is Katie’s birthday, one of our fantastic Dental Assistants here at Boger Dental. With her energy, enthusiasm and compassion for people she makes a real difference in the lives of those she services, so we want to take a minute to highlight her and let her know how special she is!

How are you celebrating your birthday this year?

I will be at Boger Dental from 6:30-5 with my work family and then spending the evening having a picnic with my son.

What is the best birthday present you have ever been given?

When I turned 16, my parents bought me a 1997 four-door white Grand AM!

What is on your bucket list for the coming year?

This year, we are going on a family vacation to Florida to do Disney, Lego Land and soak up some sun on the beach.

Do you have an inspirational quote you would like to share?

“Just because something isn’t happening right now for you doesn’t mean it won’t happen.”