Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

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Boger Dental has always been a dental practice that exceeds patient expectations.  Part of exceeding those expectations is continuing our dental education routinely.  Our dental hygiene team became certified in Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy back in 2005.  We went through a rigorous didactic and clinical course in order to begin using this advanced technology to treat gingivitis and periodontal disease.

We know that bacteria is what we battle when treating gum disease.  We know that these bacteria reside within “pockets”, in addition within the actual tissue of the pocket.  Cleaning only the tooth and root surface leaves behind opportunistic bacteria which are free to recolonize and create new disease.  The diode laser is attracted to the components that make inflamed, diseased tissues.  Diode laser energy is thermal and vaporizes the targeted diseased tissue.

The dental hygienists at Boger Dental have witnessed outstanding results when using the laser on their patients’ tissues.  The clinical sign that shows the laser is helping to stabilize their periodontal condition is bleeding.  “I have patients who have the laser as part of their dental cleaning and I have patients who do not.  My patients who use the laser have little to no bleeding, while my patients that do not use the laser have moderate to heavy bleeding.” , said Erin Mastro, RDH BS

Introducing the laser into a patients’ dental cleaning is relatively easy to do.  The laser is not painful and the hygienist typically does not need to use any anesthetic, plus it only takes 5 minutes to complete.  Most patients will not feel a difference immediately after the first use, but the results at their next cleaning will show less bleeding and possibly “pocket” reduction.

At this time dental insurance is not recognizing this procedure as a covered benefit.  We are still submitting this procedure to patient insurance companies, but in the end it is the patient responsibility to pay for this service which is $35.  This is an out of pocket service that will greatly benefit your oral health and overall health.  “There are a lot of studies that suggest that oral health, and gum disease in particular, are related to serious conditions like heart disease,” says periodontist Sally Cram, DDS, a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association.

If you have questions about incorporating laser therapy into your routine hygiene visits, please ask one of our talented dental hygienists at your next visit.  We can demonstrate the laser for you and answer any questions you may have.  Otherwise, please email us at