Sedation Treatment Options for People with TMJ and Dental Anxiety

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Everything is in order to get a handle on your TMJ disorder and take your life back. So, what’s stopping you from going through with the treatment plan? For many people like you, it’s just two words: dental anxiety.

You knew it was coming: the TMJ diagnosis that explains the discomfort and pain in your jaw you’ve been enduring. You understand that your TMJ disorder treatment may include bite adjustment, orthodontics, restorative dental work, or surgery. You’ve even found a local dental office with hours that are so convenient that you won’t have to take time off of work.

If you’re suffering from TMJ but find yourself procrastinating about taking the next steps in your treatment, you may be suffering from a different kind of uncomfortable disorder: dental anxiety or even white coat syndrome.


young woman with dental anxitey contemplates sedation options for her TMJ treatment.

Do You Have White Coat Syndrome?

White Coat Syndrome is a real phenomenon that impacts many people. Patients’ hearts beat faster and their blood pressure levels rise just at the sight of a professional in a white coat. The fear or anxiety that is felt by patients can stop them from moving forward with their dental treatment.

How about you? Maybe you’re reluctant to make an appointment to start your TMJ treatment due to this anxiety, or maybe you’re canceling before the appointment. At this point, you may want to consider discussing dental sedation treatment options.

Dental Sedation Treatment Options

Some people may tease you or and minimize your anxiety, or they may even suggest things like meditation and relaxation techniques. While these techniques can be helpful, they don’t work on everyone and for every situation. Dental sedation treatment options are another way to help you relax through what you see as a stressful dental procedure.

  • Inhalation Sedation

This may be the option that you’re most familiar with as it’s also known as laughing gas to the general public. It is a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen that you’ll inhale through a small mask before your procedure. It will help you to relax and feel more confident about the upcoming procedure. This will help take that anxiety edge off for you.

  • Oral Sedation

The oral sedation option involves taking a medication that will help to eliminate your anxiety over your dental appointment. This is typically going to be Valium or Halcion that you’ll take at the recommended time before your appointment for it to kick in. You can expect these medications to last for about four hours depending on the dose.

  • IV Sedation

For the intravenous (IV) sedation option, you’ll have an anesthetic administered by a licensed nurse anesthetist during your dental procedure. There is a needle involved, and some people are not fans of needles, but rest assured that the nurse continues to monitor you during the entire duration of the procedure. This keeps you very relaxed and improves your comfort for even the most complex procedures.

If you’ve found that your worry and fears over your dental treatment plan are stopping you from moving forward, dental sedation treatment options may be the answer to getting that appointment made and kept. Knowing you have options can make all the difference!

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