Twenty-Five Years of Friendly Patient Care

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Boger Dental team provides top notch patient careTwo sure signs of a healthy dental team are the longevity of the group and the tenure of its members. At Boger Dental in Plymouth, we have been fortunate to bring together and retain some fantastic dental professionals over the years. Several of our team members have been with us for over ten, 15 and 20 years. Melissa Polansky has been a faithful member of the Boger Dental for 25 years now. We are grateful for her loyal dedication to our dental practice and the high standard she sets patient service by our administrative team.

Melissa joined Dr. Steve Boger and the Boger Dental team back in 1987. “I actually came to know Boger Dental and their unique patient-centered philosophy as a patient! I was so impressed that I joined the team myself!” Melissa started her dental career as chairside assistant; however, her primarily role at Boger Dental is leading our talented team of patient services coordinators. Melissa will assure that you are greeted with a sincere, warm smile and that you are helped with a smile with all of your scheduling and administrative needs.

We had the opportunity to recognize Melissa and thank her at our recent team meeting. Dr. Steve Boger reminisced about their early days together and thanked her for contribution with the gift of a travel voucher. Melissa shared kind words about her team and thanked Dr. Steve for his leadership and the learning opportunities she has been afforded over the years.

Next time you are at Boger Dental, please join us in thanking Melissa for her warm smile and friendly service!