We Asked Erin to Describe Her Sedation Dentistry Experience. Here’s What She Said.

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What are the advantages of sedation dentistry? We asked Erin, a patient who recently chose IV sedation for her dental procedure. Here’s what she said:

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Erin felt cared for at her appointment.

Erin has always dreaded the dentist, but her latest appointment was a much more positive experience than she was accustomed to. “I was anxious,” Erin admits, “but at the same time my fears were put to rest.” From the moment she walked in, the dental staff were attentive to her needs. “They greet you, they shake your hand. They’re like, ‘Hi, welcome. It’s nice to see you […] What can we do for you to help your experience be the best it can be?”

For Erin, making the dentist a positive experience included access to basic comforts, like sound-blocking headphones, tv and music options, and internet access. It also included a range of sedation options, which she had previously discussed with her dentist. Since Erin needed work done in all four quadrants of her mouth, her dentist recommended IV sedation. This allowed her to complete all four procedures in one appointment, instead of four drawn-out visits, which would have been necessary with inhalation sedation.

Erin is more likely to schedule future dentist appointments.

When she woke up from her surgery, Erin had no memory of the procedure. Many patients say that their sedation procedures feel like “falling asleep,” although patients are not technically asleep unless they are given general anesthesia. Erin was happy with her experience, and says that “it [was] easier to come back again, because that first time was very successful.” Detailing her future plans for the dentist, Erin continued, “it made me realize, ‘Ok, this isn’t so scary.’ I can definitely come back again and get my teeth cleaned or those twice a year checkups.”

Erin feels empowered to care for her emotional well-being and dental health at the same time.

In addition to improving her experience at the dentist, access to sedation options has also given Erin a sense of control of her overall health. “It’s a relief”, she says, “to feel that you are being an adult, you’re taking care of those things. You’re going to the doctor, going to the dentist. You are succeeding.”

Do you think sedation dentistry might be the answer to your dental anxiety or complex procedure needs? A sedation consultation can help you evaluate your options. We are trained to be sensitive to dental phobias, and sedation is just one of the ways we cater to both your physical and emotional well-being. We are proud of Erin’s recent experience at Boger, and assure you that your experience will be nothing less.