Why We Provide Topical Fluoride Treatments

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CAVITY PREVENTION IS A CONTINUOUS QUEST. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help fight tooth decay. The obvious ones including brushing, flossing and regular checkups. Another great way to fight cavities is the application of topical fluoride treatments.

Fluoride Helps Prevent Cavities And Strengthens Teeth

Every day, each tooth’s enamel layer gains and loses minerals. Too much demineralization can lead to weakened teeth and increased cavity risk. Fluoride treatments have two major objectives. First, they make teeth more resistant to plaque and acid attacks. And second, they help teeth remineralize more quickly. We offer fluoride varnish application to all patients who are at risk for cavities. It does not matter if you are 3 or 93 years of age. Our fluoride varnish application uptake into the teeth helps to prevent cavities, remineralize erosion, and reduce sensitivity. If you have more questions about fluoride applications, please ask your dental hygienist.

Almost Everyone Can Benefit From Fluoride Treatments

We start fluoride treatments as early as 2 years of age and well into adulthood. Many insurance programs will not reimburse for fluoride after the age of 16 years. That is very worrisome to our clinical providers as we see on a daily basis the amount of cavities in age groups of 20-40 years of age. As we age, we also are at a higher risk for root surface cavities and fluoride is the number one treatment that can halt and prevent further decay. We only charge $29 per treatment, so even if your insurance does not cover this procedure you can still manage to prevent decay and sensitivity without breaking the bank.

If You Have Questions About Topical Fluoride Treatments, Please Ask!

Fluoride treatments are a great option for fighting cavities and strengthening teeth. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!

Thank you for the trust you place in our practice.

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