No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

Smile Benefits, Boger Dental's exclusive dental savings program, affords you significant savings on personalized, full-service care for your whole family without the hassles and limitations of traditional insurance.

For one low annual fee covers:

  • Two cleanings
  • Two exams with our doctor
  • Two fluoride treatments
  • Annual cavity detecting X-rays/full series when needed
  • Plus you get a savings of 15% off all other services

What's the Annual Fee?

  • $284 Child
  • $359 Adult
  • $447 Adults with periodontitis/gum disease

Yes, I am interested!

How Does Smile Benefits Compare to My Insurance Coverage?

Traditional Dental Insurance Smile enefits
Costly monthly premiums and office co-pays. One low annual fee
Variable levels of coverage for preventative and other dental treatment. 15% savings on preventative and restorative treatment.
Maximum coverage averages $500-$1500/year. No yearly maximum limits on savings.
Complicated and confusing claim submission process and delayed reimbursement. No nuisance claims to submit.
Limited choice of dental providers covered. Care from the dentist of your choice at a technically-advanced facility with an array of amenities to make your visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
Waiting period before benefits are in effect. No waiting period — use benefits immediately.
Cumbersome application process. Enrollment is quick and easy.

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