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"This is the first time I've been comfortable with a dentist. Now, I actually enjoy coming in for my appointments! It pleases me to know my kids can start out their dental experience in a positive way."

Having endured years of insulting inquiries about the dark color of her teeth, Ann resolved to provide her children with happier memories of going to the dentist than she had as a child. Like many adults today, Ann suffered severe tooth discoloration from Tetracycline medications as a child.

At the recommendation of a friend, Ann visited Boger Dental. Having noticed articles and pictures of their happy patients in local magazines, she hoped this would finally be the right place to help her achieve the beautiful, healthy smile she had longed for and to lay a foundation of positive dental experiences for her kids. At her initial visit, Ann viewed digital imaging of her enhanced smile followed by a thorough consultation with Dr. Boger, where they discussed Ann's goals and the options available to her. After just three appointments, she had finally achieved the results she'd long hoped for. "I can't thank Boger Dental enough for helping me attain the smile I have always wanted. The staff truly cares and always goes out of their way for me. I'm relieved not to have to feel self-conscious and think about my teeth all day long. Best of all, it pleases me to know my kids can start out their dental experience in a positive way and are free from the burden of feeling bad about their smiles!"

  • Whitened teeth
  • Painlessly recontoured gums with laser surgery
  • Porcelain veneers
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Sherry P.
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5 star review

Sherry P.

Such excellent care from Michelle, hygienist. She's seen me since the 1st day I started with Dr. Steve inNew Hope. We have been a team all these years getting through very difficult dental times. With herknowledge and at the same time her learning from my awful unkown problems, she referred me and taught mereally great home care and I have had remarkable results. God bless her. And my expeirences with Dr. Steve,Dr. Chad and Dr. Madden has been wonderful. Thank you team Boger!
Donna L.
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5 star review

Donna L.

As is always my experience with Boger Dental, my appointment started and ended on time. In addition, the staff is experienced and trustworthy. My comfort level on all matters is extremely high. I'm greeted at the door, given opportunities to Express concerns and escorted out with a friendly see you next time. As a person with high anxiety with dental care, all of these behaviors bring me back time and time again. Thank you for your care your concern and especially your awesome team!!
Bethany P.
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5 star review

Bethany P.

This is literally the best dentistry office I've been to in my adult life. I've got extreme dentalanxiety which has led to a very decayed and poorly maintained mouth and teeth. But the staff here havenever made me feel bad or uncomfortable about my mouth teeth and have always been so friendly. Anotherbenefit to this office is the sedation options they have for someone with my level of dental workanxiety.
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